Linking TurkPrime Account with MTurk

TurkPrime needs your permission to access your MTurk account and to take control over your HITs. This includes being able to launch, stop, and make changes to your HITs. This is accomplished by associating your TurkPrime account with your MTurk account.

Associating your accounts is fast and easy.


  1. Register with Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) as a Requester. This will allow you to create MTurk Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). TurkPrime allows you to create surveys (or other tasks) that will be completed by MTurk Workers around the world. The MTurk Workers are paid for each completed task. You must fund your own Amazon MTurk account in order to use TurkPrime with your account.
  2. After completing MTurk registration, go to and create an Access Key by following these steps:
  • Click on the Continue to Security Credentials button
  • If this is your first time using Amazon Web Services (AWS), you may be asked to Sign into your AWS Account. Sign in as a returning User and enter your basic information and click Continue. If prompted to enter Credit Card Information, you can close the window and go to
  • Click on Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) option
  • Click on Create New Access Key button
  • Copy the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key below (e.g. AKIAEFJLOJJBWUYKK5Q). (Amazon Best Practices recommends using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials, which Mechanical Turk recently added support for. 
3. TurkPrime may be used in either LIVE or SANDBOX mode.
LIVE mode will cost actual money. This is the option to use when running REAL (LIVE) HITs.
SANDBOX mode may be used to test creating HITs. Your HITS will not be answered by workers. Your HITs are viewable on the MTurk site at Sandbox mode sets your account balance to a fixed $10,000.
For your security, once entered, the Secret Access Key will not be visible to you. You may wish to store it in a safe place.

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