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  1. Academic Account Qualifying

  2. Account - Wrong MTurk Account Balance Displayed

  3. Adding Funds

  4. Anonymize Worker ID's

  5. Archive a Study

  6. Bounce Rate

  7. Bounce rate

  8. Changing number of participants

  9. Design Study-Step by Step explanation

  10. Difference Between Full Lab Service and MTurk Panels

  11. Difference between MTurk funds and TurkPrime funds

  12. Easily Copy Past TurkPrime HITs

  13. Error message: Exceeded maximum number of restarts with payer x:Rolestandard

  14. Error message: No Available HITs

  15. Exclude feature

  16. Exclude Specific Workers

  17. Free Academic Account

  18. Google Forms

  19. Google Forms Integration

  20. How do I copy past TurkPrime HITs?

  21. How do I decide how much expected time it would take to complete a HIT, how much time should be allotted per assignment, and how long to set the HITs expiration date?

  22. How do I find out the worker IDs for those who took my study before?

  23. HyperBatch vs MicroBatch

  24. Inactive HIT link

  25. Include feature

  26. Include Specific Workers

  27. Include Workers Inactive HIT Link

  28. Included Workers not qualified to take study

  29. Invoice

  30. Lab Credit Info

  31. Lab Pricing

  32. Launch a study

  33. Link Amazon MTurk account with TurkPrime

  34. Linking TurkPrime Account with MTurk

  35. Longitudinal / Follow-Up Surveys

  36. MicroBatch - Restart Limit Exceeded

  37. Negative Lab Balance

  38. Pause Data Collection

  39. Paying Workers who Completed a Study but Did Not Submit the HIT

  40. Rejecting Workers

  41. Research outside the U.S

  42. Restart a Study

  43. Restart HIT seems to take longer than expected

  44. Restarting HIT taking longer than expected

  45. Reverse Rejections

  46. Reverse Rejections

  47. Running Studies With No MTurk Account

  48. Sandbox Troubleshooting

  49. Secret Code Importance

  50. Transferring Funds

  51. TurkPrime and MTurk Refunds

  52. TurkPrime Labs Outside United States

  53. TurkPrime Setup Tutorial

  54. Unable to select Microbatch

  55. What are a MicroBatch and HyperBatch and what are the pros to each one?

  56. What is a Gender Consistency Score and why is it important?

  57. What is the difference between running MTurk ‘Live’ or on ‘SANDBOX’ mode?

  58. Where do I enter the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key on the TurkPrime website in order to link MTurk?

  59. Workers Not Qualified to Take Studies Where They were Granted the Qualification

  60. Wrong MTurk account balance is being displayed

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