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  1. Account 

    1. Link Amazon MTurk account with TurkPrime
    2. Account - Wrong MTurk Account Balance Displayed
  2. Getting Started  

    1. TurkPrime Setup Tutorial
    2. Linking TurkPrime Account with MTurk
    3. Running Studies With No MTurk Account
    4. Where do I enter the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key on the TurkPrime website in order to link MTurk?
    5. Adding Funds
  3. Include and Exclude Workers 

    1. Include Workers Inactive HIT Link
  4. Integration (e.g. with Qualtrics, Google Forms, etc) 

    1. Google Forms Integration
  5. Lab Service 

    1. Lab Pricing
    2. Difference Between Full Lab Service and MTurk Panels
  6. Launching Studies  

    1. Launch a study
    2. Design Study-Step by Step explanation
    3. Secret Code Importance
    4. Exclude feature
    5. Exclude Specific Workers
  7. Payments and Fees 

    1. Difference between MTurk funds and TurkPrime funds
    2. Wrong MTurk account balance is being displayed
    3. Academic Account Qualifying
    4. Paying Workers who Completed a Study but Did Not Submit the HIT
    5. Transferring Funds
  8. Tools and Features 

    1. Restart a Study
    2. Rejecting Workers
    3. Pause Data Collection
    4. Changing number of participants
    5. Archive a Study
  9. Troubleshooting 

    1. Included Workers not qualified to take study
    2. Error message: Exceeded maximum number of restarts with payer x:Rolestandard
    3. Error message: No Available HITs
    4. Restarting HIT taking longer than expected
    5. Inactive HIT link
  10. All articles 

    1. Reverse Rejections
    2. Longitudinal / Follow-Up Surveys
    3. TurkPrime Labs Outside United States
    4. Easily Copy Past TurkPrime HITs
    5. Free Academic Account
    60 articles 

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