Restart a Study

Simply use the TurkPrime "Restart" feature which Restarts HITs that have become sluggish. When you Restart a HIT you get the effect that it gets "bumped up" the Worker visibility as if your HIT just started.

When workers view HITs, they now find your HIT at the top of newly created HITs. HITs that have aged and have become hard to see by MTurk Workers have now the visibility of a brand new HIT - because under the hood TurkPrime has created a new HIT and associated it with the same specifications as your original HIT!

When using Restart, Workers who have completed your original HIT are automatically excluded from taking the newly created HIT and are unable to accept the HIT because TurkPrime has created a Qualification Type that excludes them.

There is nothing that a Requester needs to set up to enable the Restart feature. It appears in the TurkPrime Dashboard as soon as your HIT goes Live.

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