In case you are developing the site further, an option that allows researchers to combine the advantages of hyper and micro batches would be quite useful.

Hyperbatches complete quickly and for this reason, one will get a certain demographic, especially in terms of geography as people from different places are active at different times. To get more “continuous” data collection, one tends to use micro batches.The issue is that this takes forever, and if one can not repost the HIT before the previous batch is completed it takes a very long time for Turkers to take the last HIT from a batch.

What would be super cool, is to be able to micro batch, but release more than 9 HITs at a time (say, 50), and have the ability to repost, say every 30 minutes, even if only 45 people have completed the study from the previous batch.

The current system would have us create MANY HITs manually to achieve this for hyperbatching.